Minimum order: Within the delivery, Masami delivery customer requests with minimum order 3 tons of products of various types.

Shipping Charge: Applied to orders less than the minimum value. With the minimum order value and long-term customer will be preferential shipping.

Delivery range:

- Northern: delivery from Haiphong warehouse

- Central: Delivery in Da Nang warehouse

- South: delivery from Go Dau warehouse, Dong Nai.

Time Order

- Masami receives your order 24/24 hours.

Delivery time depends on the requirements of the customer on the basis of confirmation with the sales department and has fulfilled financial obligations. With export contracts based on specific contracts.

Delivery time: based on time of business department.

Product price: The price is calculated according to the price with you.

Payment: You pay by bank transfer before ordering.

Receiving Address: The default address you register when ordering. If you want to change the address of receiving goods, you require specific when ordering.

Number of items in stock: Masami will announce prices to customers if requested and announced price adjustment when the market price fluctuations.